How to get the BFCM deals at NameCheap

OK here’s the scoop on NameCheap Black Friday Cyber Monday

The goal is JUST to get the coupons for now – you will have 48 hours to use the coupon, so my plan is to get the coupons every hour, then tomorrow, can sort through and decide what to use, find domains to reg/transfer etc.

The sale is every hour for 24 hours continuous Friday and again 24 hours Monday.  The upcoming offers are posted 3 hours ahead.  There is a limit of ONE deal per account per hour*

Edit – they lied – if the deal is exactly the same as a previous deal, like com net org transfer – Sorry, you can’t claim this coupon, because you’ve already claimed something in the same deal group.

1] Be Logged in – if you aren’t sure, open a new tab and log in again

2] Be sitting on the deals page watching the countdown timer


3] The deals will AUTOMATICALLY refresh at the new deal start time

4]  As soon as you see the orange “Get Your Coupon” button on the right hand side CLICK that button to claim!

5]  You will get a code on that screen, and the code will be saved for you here:


Also have a IRL timer set for five minutes before to be certain to avoid getting distracted!

Some of the deals have SOLD OUT in less than one minute, depending on the offer and the limit for that deal.

All times on the NameCheap site are US EASTERN – US Eastern Time = GMT -5

If you use this tool you can add your own city and then click the hours up on EST to show the exact time


You *might* run into a captcha – my theory is if you have been logged in continuously since the sale started it might think you wrote a script, so MAYBE if you log out and log back in every hour that could prevent it – that’s a total guess worth trying anyway.

*Hourly coupons are issued for every unique deal and customers can buy 1 item in each deal.

*Coupons are limited to one business/household per day for each unique deal.

Full terms are on the deals page





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